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The General Health Appraisal

The General Health Appraisal is a questionnaire, written by a doctor, designed to help people raise their own personal awareness of their personal health.  The questionnaire is not intended to substitute for the diagnostic skills of a trained health care practitioner and is in no way meant to offer you any form of medical opinion.  You are invited to take the questionnaire and use the scoring as suggested areas you should talk to your doctor about.

Why Take The Test?

Too many times people are surprised by sudden changes in their own personal health.  In many cases they might have avoided the "surprise" by paying closer attention and heeding the warning sings that get ignored or overlooked.  It's not hard to know more about the current state of your health, you just need to want to know and the General Health Appraisal might be just the prescription needed to get you moving along the trail to a better informed, healthier lifestyle.

To get started you'll need to create your own personal login.  Please don't share this with anyone because we sure won't.  We'll ask you for a little information about you, but nothing to identify you personally, so that we can be sure to offer the best information we can, based on your answers to the General Health Appraisal.

To take the questionnaire you will need to be able to save and score your results.  To set up your BloodID user account simply click here.  Once you have set up your personnel access you will be able to see the questions and add your responses.  Your responses will be saved and you will be able to retrieve them any time you want.

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