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Information Is Power

As the public gains more access to information regarding issues related to their health they expect their health care provider to be able to deliver information that is easy to read, understand and consider in their plans for their personal health. Whether it is about fitness, managing a chronic condition, or simply quality of life, people are expecting more and better information from the health care providers they place their trust in. An efficient practice is based on gathering and sharing information, quickly and in an easily understood format, are building relationships that will not only last, but will also bring in more referrals.

The Connected Practice

Much is made of emerging, and rapidly advancing, technologies available to health care providers of every size and type. The focus of Blood ID is to help practitioners to source and utilize best available information related to lab results.

Lab results are delivered via the standard reports available from the laboratories, then reformatted and notated to reflect the packages, panels and tests ordered; as well as highlighting potential areas of concern for your review. Comments may be added by the practitioner, then integrated into the customer reports for use when discussing lab results with the patient.