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Blood Information Database (BloodID)

BloodID.com does not dispense medical/wellness advice and nothing you read here should be construed as such. We cannot be more clear, you get medical/wellness advice from your doctor, physician assistant, RN, or other healthcare provider (health practitioners), a physician that has examined you and gathered enough information in order to form a medical/wellness opinion and share it with you in the form of actual medical/wellness advice. The opinions and statements you read on this site are for informational purposes only.

We apologize for clobbering you with a disclaimer but everyone knows someone that thinks they really can get by without seeing their health practitioner, even occasionally. BloodID is not to be used as a substitute for trained medical/wellness advice.

It's Really About You

No matter where you are in life, there will almost always be something you can do you feel better, move more easily, or to control chronic conditions that affect so many people. Diabetes, arthritis, weight, blood pressure... Many of us are either dealing with one of these diseases or, by looking at family members older than we, see a strong possibility of having to deal with something as we get older.

Talk to your health practitioner about your concerns and, most importantly, the current state of your health. Sometimes small changes now can help us to avoid BIG problems later.

Typically, in order to get a clear picture of your current health status, your health practitioner will use blood work (labs) to determine much of your picture of health. Your lab results, coupled with a physical examination and other possible diagnostics, are the starting point for becoming informed about your personal health.

Where BloodID Fits In

When your health practitioner receives lab results, they become a part of your medical/wellness records. These reports offer measurements, ranges and other information about the blood-based indicators on the state your health.

Your healthcare provider can upload these results to BloodID.com and generate a report that tells you, in laymen's terms, what areas might need work by you, or a health plan you develop with your healthcare provider.

Each time a results set is added to your profile on BloodID, it becomes available for you to view and to compare to other test sets. You can track actual progress by understanding what your blood works tells you, BloodID will help you and your healthcare provide communicate more clearly.

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